Monday, June 30, 2014

Just Wanted To.....

......Show you the cutie petootie (I have no idea how to spell that) outfit that Lizzy and I bought at our local consignment store last weekend.

She got home earlier than she thought from her softball tourney and had time to go to her beloved profe's (Spanish teacher) wedding.

"Mom! I have nothing to wear. All my shoes are too small. "

She tells no lies. She is not one to have many clothes and if she was wanting to buy a dress I was going to get her one.

Look what we found.

Cute shoes, complete with sunburned feet from our day at the water park the day before.

A kickin' necklace that matched her clutch she got from her Grandma for Christmas.

A little black dress that is totally her. It's an Express dress and we got it for $10.00!


Of course she wouldn't put her purse down so I could show you her beautiful face.

That's the Liz for you.


I just wanted to tell you about the book I'm reading.

I love it.

It's changing my life.

I want all my friends to read it.

Farmer Boy is going to be made to read it.

Have you read it?

I picked it up at the library completely by accident.

It was a God thing.


That's all.

Hope you're having a fabulous Monday and are staying dry. It's very soggy around these parts.

Take care.

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  1. Love the dress and the whole outfit. Cutie Petootie indeed! That book look interesting....


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