Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Need Some Help?

I was praying this morning and thanking God for the summer, for the ease of a summer morning, for the lack of rush, for late breakfasts and kids stumbling downstairs to plop on the couch to read a book.

I'm loving not working.

I miss working.

I miss making an income and helping Farmer Boy out. I miss not having to brush my teeth before noon. I miss early morning showers.

Welcome to my wacky world.

I love being home and I love working.

There's been many prayers lifted this summer.

"Lord, establish the work of my hands. Lord, what would you have me do?"

He's been kinda quiet. He's been whispering things like, "Wait on me, turn towards me, I love you my Beloved, my everlasting arms are underneath it all."

I can't argue with any of that.

However, (and here's where it starts to get wacky), I've also been feeling the inkling of a plan. I've been taking stock of myself, what I like to do, what I'm good at.

Here are some facts.

I love cooking and cleaning and keeping up my home.

I've never been interested in pursuing a career. I've had various office jobs but none that have lasted past five years. I can do it, I'm good at it, I don't love it, so I always end up quitting.

Folding laundry makes me happy.

Ironing puts me in my happy place.

I hate cleaning bathrooms, but a clean bathroom is like a cool breeze on a hot day.

I'm a Mennonite. For whatever reason we're just good at organizing, housework, and cooking. Don't believe me? Read "A Mennonite in a Little Black Dress". Rhoda will set you straight and crack you up.

I'm weird.

So here's my idea.

I would love to bring my love of all things 'home' to others.

Do you need some light cleaning done?

Are you behind in laundry and just need someone to catch you up?

Are you sick of eating out and need someone to plan a menu for a week, make a grocery list and run to fetch your groceries?

Would you like someone to put supper in your crock pot for you because you're out and about running around and don't have time?

Do you have a family gathering coming up and need some home-made pies to contribute?

Do you need some help?

I can help.

If you're interested you can leave a comment, message me, text me, or call me. I can't travel more than 30 minutes so to all my out of state and out of country readers - so sorry - you are on your own.

Spread the word.

I can help.

Check out my "Need Some Help?" page at the top of the blog for a few more details.

Over and out.

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