Sunday, June 22, 2014

The One Who Got Away

The following content could be offensive to those of you who are red, furry and love chickens.
Parental discretion is advised.
Tonight at approximately 7: 30 pm., the phone rang. My friend, who's been keeping an eye out for all things red and furry, saw Mr. Loxy run across the road toward our place as she was driving home. Her description of him included hungry eyes and a dragging tongue.

I hung up the phone and told Farmer Boy.

He was on it.

The pigs were making stranger sounds than usual. Barking. Grunting. Disgruntled.

The chickens sentries assumed their positions.

The neighbor's dog was barking, sounding an unwanted alarm.

The kids stood guard. Apparently they were protecting themselves from Mr. Loxy scampering all mouse-like over their feet.

The barn was clean.

Well, you know, it is a barn that is currently home to 15 pigs so not really clean.

Let's start again.

The barn was fox free.

Kinda like foxy but not quite.

The yard was traversed several times. The pigs and the dog would not quiet down. Mr. Loxy's scent was in the air but he's a crafty one. 

There was one more sighting of him in the neighbor's yard but it came to naught.

You got away tonight Mr. Loxy.

Stay away from our chickens.

He's ready for you Mr. Loxy. Armed and ready.

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