Monday, June 16, 2014

The Scene of the Crime

We've had some trouble around these parts recently.

We put some of our chickens on patrol to keep a watchful eye on the place. They flew the coop every morning and flew back in at night. They walked around, made sure their feathered friends were safe.

We haven't seen them in about a week. They left one morning and never came back.

This morning at about 5:15 am I heard clucking and squawking. I'll admit, I didn't jump out of bed to go see what was happening. The girls (the feathered ones) were upset when I finally made it out. They rushed out of the coop trying to tell me something. I don't speak chicken.

I gathered it had something to do with this freshly dug hole. During his morning chores, Farmer Boy placed a brick in the hole to close it off. The pile of feathers right outside the fence clued me in to the feathered frenzy.

This girl was overcome. She had no words but at second glance I realized she was not simply staring off into space. Her gaze was fixed toward a specific direction.

I followed her gaze.

She was looking toward the backside of the coop. When I walked back there I saw some other ladies who appeared to be on some sort of patrol.

I sensed their fear. Their nerves. Their understanding of impending doom.

I had not words to calm them. They don't speak human.

I left them and continued my investigation.

 Wait! Looks like proof to me.



That's not piggy poop. It's not chicken poopy either. Our beloved dog is no longer with us so it's not her.

One question. Why right by my basil?

I love my basil.

I tried talking to my feathered friends but they were no help. They were completely traumatized.

I've caught glimpses of the culprit but he's cunning. He waits for the right moment. Right now I'm imagine he looks something like this.

I call the perp Foxy Loxy.

We've had several sightings but this morning he got  bold, very bold. Isn't that when you are most likely to catch the bad guy - when they get cocky (no pun intended)?

Foxy Loxy is eating our chickens. Foxy Loxy may know that we just got 15 broiler hens this weekend. Broiler hens are not for laying eggs. Broiler hens are for eating.

They are people food. Not fox food.

I'm afraid Foxy Loxy will have to be dealt with in a most severe manner.

I'm sorry Foxy Loxy but you simply have to be stopped. These chickens are not for you. Farmer Boy will now become Hunter Boy and I'm afraid your end is near.

Very near indeed.

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