Thursday, September 18, 2014

An Apology

I need to apologize.

I'm sorry if the weather you are having wherever you are is not as beautiful as the weather we are having here today.

It's absolutely gorgeous.

Because I can, I went for a long walk this morning . I walked through a neighborhood just down the road and then I headed north crunching gravel as I went. The fields are starting to brown, whispering of harvest, and of their weariness of the sun's rays. The wind, which is constant here, blew across the fields, dancing through the corn and soybeans, causing them to sway as it passed by. It blew across my face, brushing my arms, playing with my curls, keeping me cool enough to keep walking and whispering sweet words to assuage my soul.

The sun is bright and the leaves shimmer as they float to the ground.

Wait! Leaves are floating to the ground?!

I love this time of year but I also hate saying goodbye to warm weather. I know what is coming and if this winter is anything like last year, I may do something drastic like ........ I don't know. Move home to Canada where it's warmer? Move back to California and live where there is way too many people for my liking? Move to the Yukon and learn how to love the Arctic? Build an igloo in the front yard? I don't know.

Let's just hope that we get snow for Christmas and then it disappears. Temperatures above 50 degrees would also be agreeable.

Anyway, enough. I'm getting carried away.

I have pictures.

Just one to rub in how beautiful it's been here. Farmer Boy and I went for a walk the other night and this is what we were privileged to see.

By day he's an industrious, sport loving teen but by night....

he turns into a frenzied football fan. Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

Speaking of fear.

These mud loving porkers are cute, I'll give them that.

They have floppy ears, they like to cover their snouts in mud, they like to run to me when I brave their stink and come to the fence to rub behind said ears, but they have a dark secret.

They are bullies. I know they aren't officially bulls but they are bullies none the less.

We brought another pig into the barn and these not so pleasant porkers would have nothing to do with it. They beat up new piggy. They blocked his way to feed and water. They oinked rumors and untruths about new piggy. They planned devious deeds and carried them out.

Farmer Boy had to intervene and now new piggy has been relocated.

I've said it before, pigs are very human like.

Then we have our fearless fowl and I don't mean that in a good way. Notice the brown chicken above. Can you see that it is on the wrong side of the gate? This is not pleasing to me.

Fences are like unspoken rules for our chickens. They are to be obeyed. It simply goes better for everyone involved. These free thinking fowl, toss their heads and guffaw at our rules and our fences. They fly in the face of our attempts to keep them safe. They flaunt their freedom every morning as they fly over the fence and proceed to peck away at my garden.

This is not pleasing to me.

We have a chicken herd that is taking over our yard. They are pecking my zucchini and my squash. They are pooping in places that I don't appreciate. They turn their feathered head away from me when I try to reason with them.

They are not pleasing to me and I am at a loss to make them understand.

Remember Foxie Loxie?

He's not been seen around these parts since before our Mexico trip. I'm not sure what happened to him. I suppose it's possible that he was beat up by a alliance of bully pigs and free-thinking fowl. Who knows what goes on out in the barnyard while we sleep?

Bully pigs.
Free-thinking fowl.
Cowardly foxes.
What is this world coming to?

Enough. I'm getting worked up.

One more shot of our glorious weather.

Farmer Boy found this spot on a lunch break. As harvest draws near his phone rings constantly. The weather enticed him with all her autumn seductions and so he set out on his sturdy white steed (his work pick-up) to capture some beauty. He found this place by the river and for a few minutes was able to drink in some glory and to feast on some solitude

A few minutes is always better than no minutes at all.

Don't you agree?

Hope you can get out and grab some of autumn's beauty.


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  1. How come "move to Tennessee" wasn't an option?????


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