Monday, October 27, 2014

The Beauty Remains

How can it possibly be that October is almost over?

Leaves have fallen from trees and many of the trees stand naked,  bracing themselves for the merciless north wind that will begin it’s assault all too soon.

Saturday was an absolutely, perfectly gorgeous day. 

For a brief time I sat myself down on our front step with my steaming cup of spiced Chai tea and  watched.  We have a huge Maple tree that stands by the driveway. This year it has turned crimson gold and Saturday, as I watched, the tree graced the day by letting go of it’s golden charges. I sat and watched them pirouette their way down, spinning and flitting all the way to the ground. I imagined, as I watched, that the ground was enticing them somehow, whispering, telling them it was safe to depart their lofty home and offering them a part in the lovely golden blanket that formed at the base of the tree.

Come leaves comes. Cover me with beauty and keep me warm before the harsh north wind steals you away and snow takes your place here with me.”

The leaves did the earth’s bidding and seemed to sing and giggle as they flitted and danced their way down to take their place in the golden blanket.

It was a magical moment bathed in sunshine and wrapped in a gentle breeze that only seemed to encourage the dancing and giggling.

As the moment swirled itself around me, an unpleasant intruder knocked his way into my thoughts.

“You should rake, “ it announced without preamble or introduction.

Rake? What? Okay, yes, that would be the responsible thing to do and I know it appears I have the time, but what about all this color? I don’t want to disrupt it. I love this moment. I love this season. I don’t want all this to be over. Not yet. Not now. Now is not the time for ‘The End’  to show itself.  I’ll have no part of it.”

The intruder was not pleased with me. Not at all. He hung around, banging and clanging, confused as to why I wasn’t paying him any attention.

I ignored him. I wasn’t going to give in. Not this time. Not today.

I sipped my spicy warmth.

I watched another leaf twirl and sashay all the way down.

I watched the earth receive the tree’s gift with quiet gratitude.

I sat still and the intruder left, while the beauty remained.

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