Monday, February 16, 2015

Eyes Closed

We didn't tell him she was coming home.

She wanted to surprise him for an early birthday present.

When Kelli walked in the door, Will was standing behind the kitchen counter. His face lit up, his eyes got big as if to ask, "Why are you here?"

He made his way over to the kitchen door, arms outstretched and hugged his big sister.

Farmer Boy and I stood there and watched with silly grins on our faces. Why are we surprised that our children love each other?

This weekend Kelli was home and we were five at the dinner table. She did homework. She and Elizabeth checked out the consignment shop on Saturday afternoon to see if they could score any bargins, and Kelli came home with two pairs of cute jeans.

I made lasagna, a salad and cheesecake squares for supper on Saturday night and we all stayed home and celebrated Valentine's together. We played some cards and cuddled up in blankets on the couch to watch "Walter Mitty" to end the day together.

Sunday, after church, we packed Kelli's two bags in the back of the van and headed down to Des Moines to catch her ride. We were meeting her friends at the mall.

When they pulled up to the curb, Kelli was ready with her bags,and Farmer Boy loaded her up into the car. I hugged her. Farmer Boy hugged her. Elizabeth and Will each hugged her and then I hugged her one more time and kissed the top of her head.

The four of us returned home and as we walked back into the house, Elizabeth was getting a text with an invitation to join a friend for Sunday night youth group. Will started gathering his stuff for school, readying his backpack for Monday morning. Farmer Boy went out to the barn to chore.

I went upstairs to put on my fuzzy jammy pants and my purple fuzzy robe. I sat on our bed, completely still, looked straight ahead at nothing and took a deep breath. My eyes seemed to close without having to be told.

Thank you for having all my children around the table.
Thank you for laughter, lasagna, and cozy blankets.
Thank you for children growing up and for life changes.
Thank you for love and light for every step.



  1. Made my eyes water; I know of this and it fills you up with peace and joy.


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