Wednesday, February 18, 2015

For Lynn and Cara

It's Lynn and Cara time.

They both got a kick out of being on my blog last week so we're going to keep this up.

Last night for supper we had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

It was warm, delicious and comforting. I had more soup today at lunch. Yum!

Lynn and Cara, you can totally do this recipe. I threw the stuff in the crock pot the night before and had Elizabeth take it out of the fridge for me when she got home and turn on the crock pot.

Lynn you could do this before you go to work. Cara, get one of your kiddos to do what Lizzy did for me, or you could make this on the weekend, freeze it, and then you'd have a quick week night meal.

There it is. Doesn't it look delicious?

This is from a nifty blog I stumbled on this week called Creme de la Crumb.

It's actually, officially called Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup.

Make this. It is good.

Now a work-out.

Did you do the one I showed you last week? I did and I loved it.

This one is super simple. I did it this week and I had a blast.

Four Strength Moves:

Squats - with or without dumbbell weights on your shoulders. If you do weights, choose heavy enough ones that 10-12 squats will be hard work.

Romanian Deadlifts with dumbbells. I know, I know, the picture is showing a barbell which you can do. I always use dumbbells, about 20 pounds in each hand.

Overhead Press. Again, make sure the weight you choose is heavy enough to be working hard for you after 10-12 reps.

Push-ups. Yes you can. You can do a push-up without your knees on the ground. If you can only do 1, do 1. Next time try 2. See how many you can do and then work on it. If you see a bench available, do some push-ups on the bench. You've got this.

So those are the moves. Try to do 10-12 repetitions of each move, then move on to the next move.

After each set of four moves, get on the treadmill and run for 3 minutes. I did one minute of slow running, one minute of sprinting, and then one minute of recovery jogging.

Don't feel like running? Grab a jump rope and jump for one minute. Don't forget to wear your Depends! Or do a cardio combo. 25 jumping jacks, 25 high knees, 25 butt kicks, 15-20 burpees.

Once the cardio is done, back to the strength exercises.

Strength done? Back to the cardio.

One more time and then you are done.

Feeling good aren't you? I know you are.

Try to do this two times in the next week, because you can. Smile when you're doing it because it is going to be a blast.

That's all I've got ladies.

Soup. Strength. Cardio and.........

Nope that's it.

Love you two. How 'bout a movie or something this weekend? I never see you.

Over and out.

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