Saturday, August 8, 2015

Here and There

 The last couple of weeks we've been a little bit everywhere.

 We've been here.

And here.

 Then we took the subway back to here.

 After some time with family and some very good food, we packed up the van and headed here.

 While we were here, we thought it would make sense to take a day and go spend some time here.

After resting up and drying off from there, we took our last fleeting, evening moments here.

Because we knew it was time to pack it all up and spend yesterday here.

This morning as I was hovering between asleep and awake, I was thinking about a castle with a circle driveway. The castle was large but inviting, the driveway well-maintained, and surrounded by beautiful landscaping.

We'd pull up to the double doors, hop out of the van to awaiting servants who were standing in the driveway by the front door, uniforms crisp and clean, waiting for dirty laundry and travel trash. We'd walk into our large but inviting abode that was clean and fashionably decorated, and we'd be back.

But I live here.

No circle driveway.

No well-manicured shrubs.

No servants, although if you look closely at my sidewalk you can see that the chickens have been hanging out. I guess they were waiting for us to return, and as they waited they scratched and pecked mulch onto the sidewalk. They like to do that but they're not good at laundry.

So since I live here and there are only chickens waiting for me and no servants in crisp and clean uniforms to do laundry and tend to travel trash, it's up to me to make piles of laundry, holler at the kids to do their part, and make a grocery list and head to the store.

Here we go.

Stay tuned for more stories about our trip. I think they are still in the van hiding under the trash, wet beach towels and stinky suitcases.

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