Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer Adventure #2 - A New Bedroom

It always surprises me when I'm talking with people and they don't know details about my life with Farmer Boy. I guess I think that I've told everyone everything but apparently I haven't.

Let me tell you a story.

After Farmer Boy and I found out that Kelli was on the way, he quit school. He wasn't really a great student, he fished with a kid called "Wild Man" more than he went to class, and he wasn't sure what he truly wanted to do. While he was figuring all this out with a fishing pole in his hand, I was working in an office full-time to pay the bills. To say that I wasn't pleased about his fishing adventures, may be a bit of an understatement.

Anyway, as my tummy started to grow, Farmer Boy's mind began to clear.

No more school for him. He decided to get a job so I could stay home and be a full-time mom. He knew I wasn't comfortable putting Kelli into daycare in this place that was so far away from home.

He went to work for a local contractor. He worked various odd jobs but he did a lot of painting; both interior and exterior work.

He got good at it.

He was a pro.

After several years of this, he came home from work one night and announced that he didn't want to paint for the rest of his life and that he wanted to go back to school and finish his degree.

Two years later and with two curly girlies (three if you count me), he graduated with his Bachelor's degree and got a job. We didn't have to move and we bought our second home where we stayed until we moved out here to our little farm paradise.

Farmer Boy still is quite the painter. Farmer Boy is a bit of a perfectionist. Farmer Boy knows that I'm more of a 'just get it done' kinda girl and shudders when I skip over the fine details. I roll my eyes at him because it takes him forever to get to the finish line.

This summer we decided to update our bedroom. It was time. We hadn't done anything to it since we moved here ten years ago. We were living with flowered wall paper that was peeling.

I picked out a paint color. He picked out rollers and bought painters tape.

Farmer Boy made sure I stayed out of the work zone.

I did.

He did his thing.

He did an excellent job.

We went gray. I went to Lowe's and found a free booklet that showcased colors. They had a living room done in this color with cream accents and I loved it.

I found a cream comforter and cream curtains at JC Penney. We switched out the dark brown ceiling fan blades with cream ones and also bought new lamp shades as several of the old ones were broken.

We struggled over whether to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls but I'm glad we did. It makes the room feel bigger. We also painted the trim a cream color. The small doors you see are our attic. We have suitcases, sleeping bags, and college text books stored in the space on both sides of our room.

Finally, I went to Target and bought some fun pillows just to add a bit of color. I also filled up the picture frame the kids gave me for Christmas and decided it looked good right over our bed.

A simple remodel.

No new furniture, just a coat of paint, some new curtains and a new comforter.

We love it.

Way to go Farmer/Painter Boy.


  1. AWESOME job farmer boy! :) I LOVE IT! You are so good Kris.

  2. Nicely done!!! I love the colour and the accents. Our upstairs has the same slants and "knee wall" spaces - and we painted the ceiling the same as the walls too.


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