Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Thought, A Recipe, A Workout and Christmas

Hello! How are you? Are you loving this Christmas season or are you feeling hurried and a bit overwhelmed? I hope the season and the reason for it sinks in and gives you some silent, holy, nights where all is calm, all is bright and that you can sit with a cup of something warm while you take in  your tree and breathe in some peace.

I'm trying to get there. I still haven't warmed up to Christmas music on the radio but Elizabeth and I did decorate the tree on Saturday and that helped. Today's temperature is supposed to be near 50 degrees. Green grass is outside my window.  We were home in Canada over American Thanksgiving and when we got back, Kelli had to go back to school. Christmas decorating as a family didn't happen this year so we've been doing it in shifts which is okay but not how it's usually done around here. All these things are causing it not to look a lot like Christmas but what are you going to do?

How about we move on?

I wanted to share some things with you today.

First this recipe.

I found this on a new blog I've been stocking. The blog is called Smile Sandwich and you can find the recipe for this Amish Beef and Cabbage Skillet here. This is her picture by the way - not mine.

This recipe is easy, has few ingredients, is put together quickly and is delicious. I serve it with basmati rice and I've used ground pork instead of beef with it. I thought you might want something quick, delicious, and nutritious during this time of year when things can get kind of crazy but you still want your family to eat something good.

Okay, now that you know what you're having for supper, how about a workout for the morning?

I stumbled onto this while on Pinterest. I think I was searching for body weight workouts. I've done this once and I'm planning on doing it tomorrow. I like that I can do it at home. I like that all I need is a mat. I like that I can make the moves my own without worrying if I'm doing it exactly right, and I like that I'm moving my body in ways that are a little foreign. It feels good to move!

Try it here. Laugh at yourself. Have some fun with it.

One more thing before I say goodbye.

Family Pictures!

We haven't taken pictures of all of us in a while. My sister Brenda was gracious enough to snap some while we were home over Thanksgiving weekend. I love them. Of course my plan was to turn them into Christmas cards and send them out but it's probably not going to happen. So here you go. Johnston Family 2015!

Over and out for now.

Rock the day!

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