Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We've Done Good

Our first date was at Newport Beach in Southern California.

He asked me if I wanted to have dinner with his sister and her friend and then go to the beach to walk around and take in the sights and sounds.

I said yes and after the dinner and after the moonlight stroll on the beach, amidst a fumble and bumble of words and the fear of messing up a great friendship, we decided to try dating and see where it would take us.

Last week it took us back to the beach.

Farmer Boy and I took our first week-long trip together without children and headed down to Cabo San Lucas.

Although we just celebrated 24 years in December, this was our 25th wedding anniversary trip. Farmer Boy's sister owns a timeshare and there was a deal that we couldn't ignore.

Should we spend the money?

Should we leave the kids?

Should we do this?

I struggled with all of it but Farmer Boy and I have had quite the year and this trip seemed to be timed perfectly for many reasons.

On our last night there, Farmer Boy and I ate dinner on a patio that overlooked the ocean. The waves serenaded us. Our table was lit by a single candle. The moon was a crescent and the stars were clear and bright. There was a slight breeze whispering off the ocean.

We sat and talked about those long-ago California days. He told me his first impression of me and I told him the same. We talked, we listened to each other, we soaked up the words, the breeze, the night sky, and it all worked together to create an incredible ending to an incredible week. It was a movie moment.

It was a moment for Farmer Boy and I.

The whole trip was a moment for Farmer Boy and I.

A week, in all of our time together, to get away and simply be who we once were, but more importantly who we have become because of all those weeks that have come before.

Now we're back and going about our normal lives. There isn't an ocean breeze,  a candlelight dinner, or an early morning stroll down the sand hand in hand, but tonight when the kids were downstairs laughing and goofing around, there was a look and a smile. We didn't exchange any words but I think what we said was, "We've done good."


  1. Beautifully written Kris! God Bless you both (and there rest of 'em) with undying memories of your beaches.

  2. Awww - so beautiful Kris! Blessings to you both - "you done good" indeed!

  3. Indeed. Beautifully picture if your week. It gave me goosebumps.


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