Monday, March 28, 2016

My Easter Bunny

Happy day after Easter.

Don't you love Easter? Yesterday at church, 15 people were baptized. They would descend the stairs into the baptistry, face the congregation, position themselves behind the microphone, pull out their notes and then proceed to tell their stories. Stories of God calling them home. Some were simple. Some were heartbreaking. Each of them were amazing. Stories of God calling his loved ones to himself. Stories of the power of the cross.

Amazing Grace.

The true story and reason we celebrate Easter.

Since we're talking about Easter, a couple of weeks ago Will had the privilege of donning a very special costume for the Home and Garden show here in town.

He worked his fluffy-bunny thing.

He rubbed his pink-yummy-bunny-tummy.

But I do believe he loved his pink polka-dotted bow-tie the best. After all, everyone looks good in pink.

He was well paid for his bunny duties and I think he actually had a great time with all the attention he received though I'm not sure he'd admit it.

Before we go let me show you some pictures of my Easter Bunny's birthday bash.

Will is now 15 years old. He's enrolled in driver's ed this summer and has had his learner's permit for a year. They let 14 year olds get their permits where we live which is a little scary for this Canadian mama.

His birthday fell on a Saturday. It was a great day to have friends over, play football in the front yard, four-wheel, play cards (Killer Bunnies was the game of choice which is ironic) and eat lots of food.

My Easter Bunny.


  1. Awww and a handsome Easter Bunny he is!!!! Blessings to you and yours.

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