Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Porch Moment

The day is winding down. The temperature has been on the rise all day Tomorrow and Saturday are supposed to be dangerously hot and humid. But right now the sun is setting and I'm sitting outside on my front porch, feeling the wind on my skin, and taking in a soul moment. Do you have those? Moments that seem to restore something inside of you. Quiet moments. Nothing to do next moments. Sit, be still, and stare at nothing moments.

It's lovely.

It's needed.

My sweet Lizzy finished up with high school. There was a graduation open house and then a week later, the graduation ceremony. There was food and family and more food and then some more food. I felt it would have been a wise move to simply move a mattress into the grocery store as I'm sure it would have saved me time and money.

Every last bit of it was blessing. I haven't absorbed the fact that my darling girl will be going off to college in the Fall. Honestly, with all the commotion, I haven't had much time for reflection or tears. It will hit me this Fall some morning when I'm home alone and I walk past her empty bedroom. Those are the kinds of moments where tears find me.

Now we have slipped into summer like a old pair of running shoes. I'm working two part time jobs, Will is playing baseball and starting driver's ed. Lizzy is working at a day camp and spends her afternoons surrounded by kids. Kelli is not with us this summer. She's taken a job on her college campus and is busy cleaning classrooms and purposely avoiding anything to do with her major of study. I think her brain and her soul need a break and I firmly believe that manual labour is therapeutic.  Farmer Boy plugs away at his job, every day diligently going off to provide for us.

And so we're back. Back on my porch taking in some quiet and watching and listening to the wind as it closes down the day.

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