Friday, September 2, 2016

How We Communicate Now

😄😄😄😄😆😆😆😆 Lol
So life has changed around our little part of the world to be sure.

I'm making dinner for three instead of five.

I'm the only female in the house.

There seems to be a lot more burping and farting going on as if the removal of the female filter has opened wide the floodgates.

However, some things haven't changed, although they do look different.

Our family discussions, have turned into family texting.

What was once a lively discussion at the dinner table is now a text.

My phone beeps and I read this:

                           I was running down our hallway wearing a horse head
                  and I knocked over my RAs table in the
                  hall and spilled water.


I left that one alone.

Will had his first cross country meet and there were no sisters cheering him on.

So I pulled out my phone, took a picture and sent it to the girls.

Last Friday the girls and I got this:

                       To my 3 girls who I love deeply: happy Friday! 
                Have a great day girls. You are loved. 

Followed by Kelli's response:
                       Awww love you dad. Have a good day. 
                Hope you and mom learn something at work today. 
                Robots? That's new :)

Her observation of the robots was because we oftentimes get messages like the following:   

Farmer Boy love his emojis. He didn't have them with his previous phone and now that he does have them, he simply loves them.

It borders on ridiculous.

The following came only with words but don't you agree that a picture would have been worth a thousand?

              There was a bat in the bathroom.
              I was in there washing my face and it flew at me
              and I screamed and ran out and the entire wing ran out
              into the hall because they thought someone died.
              Then 5 RAs had to capture it in a box.

I suppose texting keeps us together even though we are not in the same geographical location.

I like it. Yes me. The one who was vehemently opposed to texting and the loss of face-to-face conversation, and proper grammar, and I could go on, likes to text.

I admit it.

Let me close out with some pictures that have been flying through the Johnston text-o-sphere this past week.

Happy Friday!

Lizzy had a visitor this week. Grant went up to see her before he leaves for school.

This was breakfast for Will and I yesterday. I had to share with everyone what they were missing out on. Farmer Boy thought that the strawberry on top of the pancake was a carrot which lead to many texts flying back and forth and plenty of emojis.

👍👨🐽🤖🤖😆😎🤓😳😄😄😄😄😆😆😆😆 Lol


  1. Texting is what keeps my siblings and I connected, across the thousands of miles we live. We still talk weekly or every other week on the phone, and try to set up Facetime or Skype dates, but life is busy as you know! :) Enjoy whatever closeness you can, even if it is by text. And tell Farmer Boy, I also just got a new phone and I also love the emoji's. :)

    1. Thanks Debra. I will definitely tell Farmer Boy. I appreciate your comment. I need to embrace the new.

  2. 🐵🐖🐖🐽😃🐗🙃🤗🤗🤔👍✌🏻👴🏻💑💑🐤🌽🇨🇦🇨🇦

    1. You know you are weird right? I love you anyway.

  3. Too funny! Yes, this is how we communicate around here as well. The farmer not so much though! Maybe he needs a new phone with more emojis?

    1. Could be. You could try it and see what happens.
      Thanks Rosella.


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