Friday, February 18, 2011

Awesome Days

The saying goes, "If you don't like the weather in Iowa, stick around, it will change."  So true.  Days have passed where it seems like in the blink of an eye, the weather has gone from glorious to torrential.

This was Saturday, Feb. 12 - not quite a week ago.

Our high last week ranged from -2 to 0.

This was yesterday.

Will's version is much more entertaining.  He told me this while I was making supper after most of the clean up had been complete.

It went something like this.

Mom, this was the most awesomest day ever.  I went in my bare feet.  In February!  Me and Matthew found this stream in the field and we took our boots off and we went running in the water.  

I'm gonna tell my kids about this day.  I'm going to say, "Phil ('cause that's what I'm gonna name him), Phil my boy, one day when I was almost 10, I went barefeet in the middle of February.  It was awesome".


Our high yesterday was reportedly 72.  I'm not sure it was that warm here on the farm, but it was glorious, all day.  Just ask Will.  

I'm not sure who snapped this picture. 

I'm going to imagine they were sharing stories about their day.   An awesome day.   An awesome story.  The kind of day you wish you could hold onto forever no matter the weather.


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