Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not So Tough

I'm upright and that's good.  Kelli and I have been down since Monday.  She came home from school with a fever. It hit me around 9:00 pm.  I've been laying around since then.

It's been sunny here this week.  I talked with my sister via e-mail and she told me her and her husband are leaving this Friday (tomorrow) for a week in Cuba.  All she is planning on taking is her book and her bikini, which, she might not even wear.  That's my sister for you.  Bold.

Anyway, I'm sitting in my fuzzy purple robe, my head is raging, my curls are stuck to the side of my head, my mouth is hanging open and she's telling me about Cuba. Somehow the world didn't seem fair. I trudged outside for a moment, to try and make sense of everything.  I couldn't stop my head from aching, couldn't think clearly, so I sat down and instead of crying, took some pictures.

This is my beach view.  Nice? Chunks of ice from the dog's water. Makes you want to take off your shoes and run free in your bare feet.

  Are you imagining fruity tropical drinks with little umbrellas?

Can you see that bathing beauty?  How bold she is, strutting her stuff, shaking her thing.

Holly is lost in thought.  Perhaps dreaming of waves crashing on the beach, catching frisbees as the sun sets, or maybe chasing chickens.  Hard to say.

I know, I know, it's almost more than you can take in.  My beautiful, tropical, farmland paradise. You wish you were here soaking up it's glory.  You want to cook me soup, fix me tea, feed me tylenol.  I know you want to wear my fuzzy purple robe.  Just don't laugh at my hair.

Time to go lay back down.

Stay healthy.


  1. If I were there I'd make you chicken noodle soup and try on your robe. Hope you're all feeling better soon!

  2. That's the worst feeling! We had it this year, too, because my whole family went to Jamaica right after Christmas. They made me feel like I was supposed to be grateful they hung around to see us for the holiday instead of skipping town as soon as my sisters got back from college! :-/

    Hope you're all back to life at 100% capacity and full of health!


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