Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Story

This is my oldest sister - Mary Jane.  This picture was taken  at my brother's wedding in Nanimo, British Columbia.  She was trying to tell us all something very important but I have no idea what is was.  Great picture though.  She's gonna love that I'm putting it on my blog.

My mom and my next oldest sister, Brenda.  Today Brenda is sitting in Cuba.  My mom is in Florida doing something warm and sunny.   I wish both sisters and my mom were here at my farmland paradise. I'd pour them a cup of tea and we could chat.  We could laugh, share a Thursday afternoon together.  I'd like that.  They could cook supper.  They are better at supper than I am.   I would not even care if they'd make fun of my kitchen utensils, and my dull knives.  They take pleasure in that.

These are my precious ones.  

I don't have many words this week.  It's been a week not unlike many others.  Same duties, same lists, same dirty laundry.  It's good to stop for a moment and touch what matters most.

Sometimes a week lacks luster. Everything seems the same.  I'm telling myself that in the midst of a seemingly dull, grey, dreary week where the sun insists on hiding it's face, that I am blessed.  

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. You and Mr. Incredible! Wonderful!

  2. love to Mary Jane! :)
    and Brenda who I'm sure is not too pleased with Ontario snowstorms.
    your faraway VA cousin who imagines she could enjoy hanging out with you!


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