Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break

It's Spring Break here on the farm.  No school.  Sun is shining.  Temperatures are warming up.  Today's high is reported to be 63 degrees.  Time to stop.  Do a little happy dance. I'm waiting.  Are you dancing?  Don't like to dance?  Well how about another cup of coffee?

We have no destination to head to. We're not going anywhere.  We're staying right here on the farm. No exotic Cuban beaches for us.

The Cuban beaches are only for those shadow people who wish to remain nameless and faceless.

We did head west on Saturday morning, to a far away place filled with strange sights, sounds and faces.

Strange women cooking for me and doing the dishes.

Foreign men who appear to be cooking and singing at the same time.

Odd children, apparently content to lay around with strange devices in their hands.

More children.  All sleeping in one contained area and not complaining about not having their own space.

 From the looks of it, I believe these are siblings.  Siblings sitting beside each other and looking content.  Looking helpful, almost loving.

A strange creature.  It looks canine but I swear it's human.

So I cannot complain of not going anywhere.  We went to a place of rest and relaxation.  Maybe I'm just a little sad that we had to leave.

However, good things must end or they might become not so good things.  I suppose that's called wearing out your welcome.  If every day is special, then no days are special, right?

So here we are.

Back home in our farmland paradise.


  1. Wear out your welcome? I don't think so! And Sarah the offer is open to you as well!


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