Monday, August 15, 2011


We're back.  Back home.  Back in black.  Back to school.  Back from vacation.  Back to routine.  Back.
Can I go back?

It's been a bit of a struggle this week to get back into life here on the farm.  Details.  Meetings at school.  Events to write on my calendar.  Reminders to myself to check the calendar so I don't forget to be wherever it is I'm supposed to be.  Back.

In all honesty the return of routine is a good thing.  Right now as I sit here and type the kiddos are downstairs hollering and bellowing to each other.  It's their way of telling me they would like their routine back. They want a bedtime, school bells, lunch time, dinner time.  Routine.  A new school year.  New books, new pencils, new teachers, new friends. It's all back.

I'm sure of few things but I do know that life will do what it does, and when we stop to pause, and catch our breath we'll look around and realize we're back.  Back out of routine for just a time.  Back to this fabulous, restful place we recently had to leave.  We'll have new stories to tell, new reasons to sit, to breathe deep, to pause, all given to us by the everyday routine of life 

Okay, so maybe it's good to be back.

There are stories to live.  It's time to dive in I suppose.





  1. Oh...Oh...I am pretty sure we have some of those same spots in our photos from--what--8 years ago? 9? Makes me wistful for those years, and the ones before. It's been a hard, hard month. I wish you were here, or I was there. When is the next girls' weekend? I need to be there.

  2. Where did you go on vacation? That water looks so beautiful and inviting!


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