Monday, August 1, 2011

Saying Goodbye

It's time to say goodbye to a few things.

Goodbye sweet piggies.  We will miss you and your lovely butts.  Thanks for winning a purple ribbon, second in class, for sweet Kelli.  You were wonderful, personable, unforgettable pigs.

Goodbye county fair.  I think Farmer Boy will miss you most of all.  He'll miss spraying down the pigs.  He'll miss his diet of beef and pork and my hounding him about eating his vegetables. He'll miss his breakfasts at the Methodist church food booth.  He'll miss talking to all his farmer friends about things only other farmers understand.  He'll miss the smell of manure and it's presence on his clothes and shoes.  He'll miss watching Kelli at the pavilion showing off her livestock and winning ribbons.  He'll miss you County Fair.

Before we say goodbye to summer we are going to go and soak up the last remaining bits and pieces of it.  We're simply not ready to say goodbye.  We're going to grab a little more unscheduled time, more lazy afternoons by the water, more summer nights, just a little bit more before we have to say goodbye. I'll be signing off for a while but of course I'll be back.  Back in time to say hello to school and hello to Fall.

Goodbye for now.

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