Friday, February 24, 2012

What a Week!

Sunday evening Farmer Boy had the privilege of taking the girls to a Father/Daughter dance.  He was not thrilled with the dance prospects.  Elizabeth was adamant.  Weeks before the event, she took the advertising postcards that our church, who sponsored the event, had made, and posted them all over the house.  There was one in the fridge, one in Farmer Boy's new pickup, and one on each toilet lid.  Farmer Boy would lift the lid in the mornings to be reminded of his little girl's desire to go to a dance with her dad. She is relentless.  She is sweet. She got her dad to the dance along with her sweet sister Kelli.

From all reports, they had a great time. It was a 50's themed evening but they played modern music.  Farmer Boy learned the Cha-Cha slide as well as the Cupid Shuffle.  I wonder if he can use these newly acquired skills with his official manure spreading certification?

Sunday turned into Monday and we had a birthday to celebrate. A birthday and a boy who is always quick to smile and whose eyes have a twinkle that melt my heart.

We had balloons, basketball, and birthday cake.  We had supper with friends and presents. It was a proper celebration of a very fine young man who brings joy and bounce to us all.

Tuesday arrived and Kelli had to work.  She got an official work shirt to go with her official job, and her official pay check which she is officially thrilled over.

Wednesdays are always a little hairy.  With my whole hair issue that I have going on right now, perhaps I should say that Wednesdays are fuzzy.  Hairy and fuzzy.  Fuzzy and wuzzy?  Anyway, Wednesdays are youth group for both Kelli and Elizabeth and bible study for me here at my house.  Every week I get home on Wednesdays and do a little bit of frantic cleaning as well as frantic supper preparation. We need to be done eating at a certain time so Elizabeth can get out the door and I can have dishes cleaned up before the ladies get here.

Farmer Boy thought he help out with the frantic Wednesday pace by arranging for us to get five new piglets on Wednesday night. I appreciated the extra event in our schedule.  It  greatly helped with my  Wednesday frantic fuzziness.

But look at them.  They are so cute.  They are so little.  There is one brown one who is a show stopper.  Have I ever seen a brown piggie?  I'm not sure.  He is cute.

We had  two other pigs in the barn before the five piglets arrived on Wednesday.  They will be for Farmer's market.  People will be able to stop by our tent and buy eggs, veggies, beef and now pork cuts. They weren't sure about these new pigs.  Definitely curious. Pigs are very interesting creatures with personality.  Who knew?

Thursday the weatherman told us we were going to get hit with snow.  I think we were all a little skeptical because we've heard that before this winter, and not much has come of it.  However, when we went to bed last night, the world was transforming.  Snow was flying, wind was blowing and from what we could see in the darkness, white was everywhere.

We were convinced that school would be at the least delayed, but of course we were hoping for a full on snow day.

Look what we woke up to.

Snow.  Snow everywhere.  The world went from brown and muddy to white and clean.  School was not cancelled, not even delayed.  The storm had passed and the sun came out to proclaim the day beautiful. The kids were disappointed but as we waited for the bus, I think the beauty was seeping in.  We seemed to slip on a kind of winter joy.  Finally, we have snow.  Look how beautiful things can be when they are washed in white. Holly the chocolate silliness, seemed to abandon herself to the winter delight.

That's our week.  Tomorrow is basketball and volleyball tournaments.  I think Sunday, after church, I might make a cocoon for myself out of fuzzy pajama pants, fuzzy socks, fuzzy hair, and my fuzzy blanket and take a nap.  I'm worn out.

Have a fabulous weekend.

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