Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

It's cloudy with a hint of rain. The humidity has dropped so the windows are open. The sound of the wind surrounds me as I sit here. I'm lazy. My list of chores are quiet, tucked away until Monday. I have supper in the crock pot, laundry in the dryer, a bathroom to clean and a book to read. I've been puttering around in the kitchen trying to inspire myself, and put myself into chore mode. It's not working. I'm listening to Josh Radin, Allison Kraus and the Wailin' Jennys on Pandora. Between their soothing sounds and the whispering of the wind I'm content to let my chores rest.

Here's some pictures of our week.

Elizabeth's summer has been softball. She is a pitcher. She plays on the 8th grade team and sometimes she gets a call to play for the Freshman team. Of course I can't keep my eyes off her ponytail. It's all Elizabeth.

Holly loves the van. I believe she thinks it's her den. She listens for me to step into the garage, plants herself right beside me and won't let me leave without her.

Look at her leg. Around here we call it Holly's luxuriating leg.

She is always offended when we get home and is told her van time is over. She ignores me, glances at her luxuriating leg as if she is issuing me a challenge. "Make me", she says.

"Okay Queen Holly. You're out. Time to get off your throne."

I yank her by her collar and out she must come. Not pleased, a little perturbed, but out.

Adventureland took up our day yesterday. We spent the day together, checked out the new Adventure Bay, soaked up the blue sky, fluffy white clouds and as many rides as the kids wanted to take in. I tried to take in rides. I rode a roller coaster with Elizabeth. I had visions of myself laughing up and down the hills, arms up, making my teenage daughter see how cool her mother was. She had her hands up the whole time in total abandon to the thrills of the ride. I held on for my life, trying to tense up every muscle I could think of so I didn't wet myself,  and ended the ride knowing I'll be visiting my chiropractor this week. 

Didn't really work out like I had planned.

County Fair is just around the corner. This week was the deadline for entries. This is Will's entry. It's a puzzle that he and Farmer Boy came across somewhere in their journeys. They decided they could build a better one. Will and Grandpa Erb worked on it this past November when we were home and now it's finished, written up and ready for the fair. Farmer Boy takes care of 4H details which I am extremely thankful for. Stay tuned to see what the judges think.

These are some pictures Farmer Boy took while he was out doing his thing this week. Somehow these fields make me think of our week. Glorious, rolling, clear, beautiful, bursting with story.


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