Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Did You Know?

I went on a date last Sunday night with my Farmer Boy. We went to see a band called Matchbox 20.

Ever heard of them? It was fantastic.

It was in the big city.

I learned some things and I'm taking this opportunity to share my findings with you.

First off, restaurants in our big city apparently aren't open on Sunday nights. Did you know that restaurants aren't open Sunday nights for dinner? Farmer Boy and I walked the mean downtown streets of Des Moines, looking for a place to eat dinner. Our weary eyes fell upon the faint lights of a distant establishment. We fought our way down the street, keeping our heads down against the wind, and our hands clasped until we finally stumbled into a dimly lit pub. We found a table and the bartender made his way over to us with a big smile.

How are you folks tonight? You look cold.

When I asked him if they were serving dinner his smile stayed in place while he told us about his wares.

Well, we have some hot dogs. My boss also whipped up a chili cheese dip this morning and it's been in the crock pot all day. It's pretty good.

I smiled back, grabbed my coat, grabbed Farmer Boy and headed back out into the night.  I learned that just because I was out on the town with my husband, without children, I didn't need to eat dinner. A concert without dinner still qualifies as a date. Did you know that?

Did you know that you should always have your chin down when you take a picture? I didn't know that before. Farmer Boy told me.

He likes to tell me things like this. He uses these kind of facts to grab my attention so he can tell me more important things.

According to Farmer Boy, with your chin down you look younger, and more importantly, people can't see up your nose which, as I learned, was Farmer Boy's main point, because this is when he stood up on his chair and announced to the whole theatre that I had a booger in my nose.

Well, he didn't exactly get up on his chair but he did announce the presence of an unwanted entity in my nose.

The lady behind me was not pleased.

Then the lights went out and the festivities began.

Did you know that loud music, flashing lights and the roar of the crowd can make anger disappear and make forgiveness seem like the better option?

It also gives you a much needed moment to blow your nose.

So now you know.

I bet you're glad.

Stay safe and warm out there.

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