Monday, March 4, 2013


I went to the gym this morning. I love running. Running on the treadmill is not as fun as running outside but since we're living through the winter that won't end, I ran on the treadmill this morning.
I turned up my IPod. I pretended to be young, limber, and not prone to stiffness. I ran.

I loved it a little too much. I should have stopped earlier. I saw the clock, heard it's pleading, but I turned away, not wanting it's truth. I pulled into my driveway at exactly the time I should have been showing up at work. I still had to shower, brush my teeth, deal with the hair and get dressed.

And so it began.

I fell going up the stairs.

I kept dropping the bar of soap in the shower.

I was brushing my teeth, wrapped in my towel, when the towel came loose and dropped to my feet. No big deal, it was just me in the house at that point. However, something strange and inexplicable happened. My baby toe get so wrapped up and tangled in the strings hanging off my towel (yes, I should buy new ones) that I worked for about five minutes trying to free myself. What?

Enter panty hose. Why did I think I should wear panty hose today? I can't answer that question. All I can say is when I get something in my head, it doesn't leave. I'm not very good with change. While in the shower I had decided on an outfit and that is what I was determined to wear.

Anyway, back to my hose. The first pair ripped from my toes to my knee. The second pair could not be pulled up over my derriere. Whose were those? The third pair, after a wrestling match, worked, but as I sit here and type, I am aware that perhaps I didn't win the wrestling match. My hose are having the last word.  Something is going on. In a word - twisted.

I got to work about 20 minutes late. My hair, yikes, let's not talk about my hair.

How did young and limber turn into tangled, and twisted?

I don't know.

I think I'm wearing my running shorts to work tomorrow.

Over and out.

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