Saturday, March 9, 2013

Friends, Food and Rolling on the Floor

Friends are a blessing. Friends who are good cooks are a double blessing.

Last week I ran downstairs to our deep freeze. Our beef supply is running low. It's time for another half of beef from Farmer Boy's cousin. I lifted the lid of the deep freeze and there shivering in the far corner sat a package of steak needing some loving attention. I grabbed it, caressed it as I pondered what to do with it and then it came to me.  Call Katie!

Katie is a fabulous cook. She loves to cook. She loves to eat. She laughs often. She runs half marathon relays with me. She is a mother of two sets of twins. She is amazing and she is my friend.

The call went a little bit like this.

Katie. I have this package of steak I need to use. Remember when I came over to your house that night to pick up Lizzy, and your entire house smelled like heaven, and you told me it was just steak tips and noodles? Can I make steak tips and noodles like you did?

Sure. It's really easy. Cut up your steak, dredge it through some flour with salt and pepper in it, fry it in butter or oil to brown it, take the steak out of that pan and then pour some red wine in your fry pan to get up all that flavor, add some beef broth, add the steak back in and cook it. Serve it over noodles. That's it.

Okay Katie. Thanks. I think I can do this.

You can totally do this.

So I did.

I added a little bit of thyme and rosemary after I had placed the steak back into my dutch oven with the broth and wine. I set the oven to 300 degrees and let the steak cook for about two hours.

We ended up with this.

  Which led to this.

And to some of this. Hey, there are no vegetables on this plate!

And then finally this. I thought it was called the "supper was yummy" roll but as I reevaluate, maybe it's the "I got away with not eating vegetables tonight" roll. I'm not sure.

Thanks Katie. It was very delicious. When can we come to your house again for more chicken pot pie?
Katie makes the best chicken pot pie I think I've tasted. It was the only time since I've been a mother that I was ready to deprive my children of food. I think I may have actually stolen food off their plates. I wanted more!

Speaking of chicken, I made chicken crescent squares for my Bible Study ladies. We are studying the book of James in a Beth Moore study and we met early so we could eat dinner together. Chicken squares and the book of James are not related in any way, shape or form.

Chicken squares are easy and can be made ahead of time. Plus they have the added bonus of looking pretty. Easy, can be made ahead of time, and pretty -  all the things you need when you have a group of ladies coming over to your house for dinner.

Chicken Crescent Squares, minus the pimentos,  before you bake them.

Chicken Crescent Squares, minus pimentos, after you bake them.

Yummy and pretty. You should make these. Call up your friends, mix up a colorful garden salad, and sit down at your table in a circle of your friends. Hold hands to pray and then eat, laugh, and talk.

Then when everyone goes home see if you can get into this position. Just for fun. Just because you can.
Just because life really isn't as complicated as we sometimes make it.

Friends. Good food, and the ability to roll on the floor.

Peace out!

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