Wednesday, April 10, 2013

All I Want

It's rained all day today.

My hair is fuzzy.

I found out I missed an important deadline for one of my precious ones.

I went to work.

I took a precious one to a doctor's appointment.

I broke a drawer in my kitchen and I can't figure out how to fix it.

I ordered cupcakes and buns for Kelli's graduation open house. If you are my mother or my sisters and you're reading this, I meant to say I baked cupcakes. All day. I baked all day. From scratch.

I came home at lunch and made this for supper.

I tried to fill out an online registration form for another one of my precious ones. Online registration never goes well for me.

Did I mention it's raining and below 40 degrees?

Our yard and driveway look like mud wresting pits.

So here's what I want - please hold all laughter and judgement.

I want Farmer Boy to get home from work, open the door to the kitchen and say,

"Hey beb.  Nice hair. Let's go out for dinner. Just you and me. I know it's Wednesday. I know we have things we're supposed to do but let's get out of here for a while. The kids will be fine. "

That's all I want.

Well, and straighter hair.

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  1. FYI...I ordered cupcakes for Rose's 30th birthday. Stop being so hard on yourself.....your keeping the economy going....LOL


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