Thursday, April 4, 2013


I started today being annoyed by my children. They were everywhere I didn't want them to be.  They were in front of the fridge when all I wanted was a bit of milk for my tea, they were in the corner where the toaster sits when all I wanted was my peanut butter toast.

After they had left me for the day, I stopped, sat down, and decided to share the morning with my beloved Farmer Boy.

Here's what I wrote in an email.

 I wish you could have been here this morning. Will got off without much drama.

Kelli was fussing around this morning. She continually was where I wanted to be. After I got Will on the bus, I came back into the house thinking I could finish my breakfast since all of them would finally be out of the kitchen. Nope. Kelli was now involved in making her lunch. When she was finished with her lunch she hollered at Lizzy, who was at this point sitting in the living room on the couch. "Lizzy, we've got to go. We're late."

Kelli went to her bedroom. One trip out and she brought out her pink bag. Next trip out were her sandals which she agonized over wearing because she thought it may be too cold. Then came her back pack. All this time, Lizzy was standing by the door, watching, waiting. Kelli got all her stuff in one place but then she had to put her sandals on. They have buckles. Lizzy watched. Lizzy couldn't stand it anymore. "Are you almost ready Kelli? You told me to hurry but what the heck?"
I started laughing and got in on it. I'm not sure of everything that was said but Kelli gave me the death glare and then threatened with moving out. She was joking of course but she said she was tired of us teasing her all the time. I told her our time for teasing her is getting shorter and shorter. We have to get in what we can. She said she was going to live with Alicia. I told her I'd track her down. She told me she was 18. I told her I was bigger and that I could still carry her. She said she was over 100 lbs and heavy. Lizzy started laughing and said, "You're sooo heavy!"

Off they went, out to the car. Talking. Laughing. Sisters.
I heard the Lizzy holler and went to the window to see what was going on. Kelli was fussing with getting her stuff in the car and hadn't unlocked Lizzy's door. Lizzy was sick of waiting.

What a bunch of girls.

Kelli works tonight. Lizzy has her first track meet. I can't believe she doesn't want me there. I set her up with enough food I hope. She told me this morning she needs a black long sleeve t-shirt. Actually she asked me if she could borrow one of mine. I don't have one. Why she waited until 6:50am the day of the meet I have no idea. I'm going to go get her one today.

Gotta go.
Love you.
And so it began.
There's a roast in the crock pot for supper, filling my kitchen with wisps of promise.
There's clean laundry waiting to be folded.
There's a few groceries to pick up and a black long sleeve tee to buy.
There are three precious children doing their thing, occupying the thoughts of their mom and dad.


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