Friday, April 12, 2013

It Could Be

I got up yesterday with a tangled mop of fuzzy hair and a cloudy head. I made Pioneer Woman's pizza crust before I made breakfast. I wanted it be ready for supper. The kids left for the day and I got laundry together and then went to work. I left work, said goodbye for the day to my 23 year old boss and quickly ran to the grocery store. I wanted Pillsbury's cherry turnovers as an accompaniment to my homemade pizza.

I folded laundry. The kids came home, our evening event cancelled because of rain. I made this awesome pizza sauce and then set to the task of getting the pizzas assembled and baked.

We ate. I cleaned up. I folded more laundry. Farmer Boy came home, headed out to the barn and tended to his new piggies. The kids were inside, then outside, then inside, doing homework, fussing with pigs, collecting eggs and watching TV.

We went to bed.

This morning as I was beginning my day I heard giggling. It was 6:30am. The kids were down in the kitchen chatting and watching some silly YouTube video. They hollered at me to come down; I had to see this.  As I sat on the side of my bed, trying to get the courage up to step into my day, listening to the giggling, I had a thought.

A regular day. No evening event to hurry off to. Homemade pizza and cherry turnovers. Clean folded laundry and bedtime. Four new 4H piggies in the barn to fuss over and feed.


Yesterday's seemingly uneventful happenings led to giggling at 6:30 am? Everywhere I turn, especially when I look in the mirror,  I seem to come into contact with women who want more. They feel they don't measure up. They struggle with bitterness. They want to strangle their husbands. They want something and it doesn't work out for them. They want to be noticed. They want deeper faith. They want their children to succeed and be happy. They want to be significant. They want to be accomplished.

Is it possible that perhaps we're making everything way too complex? Are we looking at the wrong things?

Could it be? Homemade pizza, a family night at home and cherry turnovers?

It could be.

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  1. Great thoughts as always, Kris. I do struggle with those things and I do tend to make things more complex than they have to be. But then I have moments of clarity, just like this, and realize that I have it all. ;) I'm finding that clarity comes easier in the spring after the snow's melted and the sun is shining.


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