Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Senior Prom

Ms. Kelli got all dressed up this past weekend.

Her sister fixed her hair, fussed over her, and took pictures.

I tried to help but I wasn't good for much.

She takes my breath away.

I think Farmer Boy feels the same way.

That's his little girl.

He looked at her, took her in, and didn't say much.

But wait, who's this dapper young man?

He came to take Kelli away for the night.

Farmer Boy said it best, "I didn't want to like him, but I couldn't help it."

He's likable.

I have no picture to document this but our driveway was muddy. He simply picked Kelli up and placed her in his car.


Lean in closely to the above pictures. You may hear giggling.

The little brother.

What would life be for a teenage girl without a little brother?

So there you have it.

Senior prom.

Ta ta for now.

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  1. This is so delightful!!! Kelly looks so adorable and gorgeous! Her beau is handsome indeed! Kris - you look awesome too my dear! What great family memories are being documented here!!!


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