Monday, April 21, 2014

Doctor's Orders

Kelli called me on Wednesday. We had been waiting for some things to progress for Kelli in regards to her health but we weren't sure when things would happen.

"Mom, can you call Dr. Cook? "

"Yep." I answered. I'm on it. I'll call you or text you this afternoon to let you know what to do."

And so it went for the remainder of the week. Several calls to Kelli's doctor, several calls to Kelli.

Friday night at about 7:00pm, I got the crying call.

"Mom, I just wish you were here."

I tried to calm her. I told her I'd page her doctor. I told her to take a hot shower and make a cup of tea. I told her to call me in a couple of hours.

Farmer Boy came home and I filled him in on the conversation of tears.

"I'm so proud of  you. You didn't freak out, you didn't jump in the van and take off, you're calm, you're cool."

Saturday morning, Lizzy and I jumped in the van and took off. I couldn't stand it. She needed me.

Four hours later we were hugging Kelli. I asked Kelli a ton of questions and she patiently answered them. I checked her out. She'd had a scare but she said she was feeling a lot better. We rented a hotel room. We ate too much Chinese food. We went and saw Captain America. We went and ate more food after the movie. We went back to the hotel and stayed up past midnight watching HGTV.

Did I mention we ate potato chips? A lot of them. I think the doctor said something like, "EAT CHIPS" in one of my conversations with her.

We didn't worry about alarm clocks on Sunday. We got up, ate breakfast, watched more HGTV and then got our stuff together.

We dropped Kelli off back at the dorms. I hugged her tight and didn't really want to let go. I finally did. Lizzy and I headed home.

I called Kelli late that afternoon when we got back here to the farm.

"Thanks Mom. I needed that."

We all did.

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