Wednesday, April 23, 2014



How are you with rest?

I've only been working mornings the last couple of weeks due to absence of things to do. I've had plans to do things here around the house but my plans aren't really working out. I seem to be suffering from lack of motivation.

I've been thinking about rest and why it's so difficult for me. I'm good at thinking about better. There's got to be a better job, a better workout, a better way to blog, a better way to be successful in marriage, a better way to love the kids, a better way to be a friend, a better way to serve.

It's not restful when your brain is constantly wrestling with thoughts of better.

I'm struggling with where I am right now.  Is this where I'm supposed to be? Is this best? I'm not sure where else to go or how to get there. I fear laziness. I fear missing out on the best thing and being left holding the leftovers. You know the parable in the bible about the servants? I'm afraid I'm going to be the one who took his one talent and buried it away. I want to be the one who took his five and turned them into ten. But what if I don't have five? What if I only got one? What's the best way to handle that one?

Are you getting a sense of why rest is difficult for me? Does someone just need to smack me in the head?

Perhaps rest doesn't only mean a lack of activity. Maybe it means assurance that even if you're wrapped in whatever is best, you are still loved, you are still a recipient of the grace flowing from the cross.

Maybe rest is the absence of fear. I think I may of heard that somewhere before.

Maybe rest is fully luxuriating in God's love like stepping into a warm bath on a chilly, rainy Spring day.

I tried to upload a video for you all to watch but it is not working and I can't seem to delete it.

Click on this link to listen and be encouraged - maybe find a few minutes of rest.

Take care.

Ignore the video.

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