Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Not Bored

We're having a blissfully slow day around here. No baseball. Softball practice is done for the day.

I spent some time weeding and shared my findings with the chickens. They tend toward ungrateful. I didn't hear one squawk of thanks.

Lettuce and spinach, otherwise known as lunch.

My least favorite words of the summer - "Mom, I'm bored."

My summer mantra - "Not my problem - find something to do."

Rather than help weed, Will decided to spend some time with his pig Tyrone. Will is showing him at the fair in about a month. Tyrone got distracted by the greener stuff on the other side of the fence. Will moved on.

Days like this are good for thinking. While I was weeding I was recalling some wise words from friends.

One once said, "I hope I never have to work again."

She was talking about having a job outside of the home. At the time it felt wrong to my ears. Today, while I was weeding and feeling the day caress my cheek, I had to smile.

Last week a dear friend told me, "I just pray to be content exactly where I am and ask God to send me a big billboard if he wants me to change direction."

I've got very wise friends.

What are you up to today?

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