Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Will had a friend over last night. They spent their time down on the couch goofing around and playing video games. I went down to goof around with them and to embarrass them by talking about girls. Just because I can.

I'm going to say this and realize that some people will disagree. Middle-school boys are a hoot. They are gangly, pimply and completely awkward. Their voices are unreliable. They eat a lot and their feet stink but they are a wonder to watch. They are sprouted man seeds in some kind of ugly stage, but so beautiful and marvelous at the same time.

Kelli called last night. She needed to tell me something exciting. Her excitement could be felt through the phone. I told her to dress comfortably for a big night she has coming up. I asked her if she was dressing warm. She laughed at me. I smiled at her through the phone and marveled at the life she is creating away from us.

Lizzy had a busy day yesterday. She had homework, work, and a work meeting. When she did make it home, she swept her hair up into a bun on the top of her head and disappeared to her room, tucking herself in to do homework.

I popped in to chat and to hug her. We talked about her day. We talked about going shopping this weekend. We talked about prom. We took her prom dress out of the garment bag to touch it and to look at it. It's purty. She's beautiful.

It's snowing today. A glance out the window, reveals a snow-globe world. The flakes are falling straight down and swirling, like someone just picked us up and gave us a shake. I suppose it's February's way of saying farewell.

A snow-globe world wrapped in wonder.

Gifts swirling around in the midst of a ordinary, wonderful day, waiting to be grasped, looked at, and cherished in thankful hands.

And all the people say?


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  1. Amen indeed! Kris - you are a marvellous writer!!!


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