Thursday, April 16, 2015

For Lynn and Cara

Hey ladies.

I miss you.

I see you in passing. I hear your voice in my voicemail messages but it's just not enough.

I have things to tell you. Where are my friends? Why does life get so busy? Is it just me or does Spring seem especially busy?

I know we've left messages with each other to make a date for tea but it won't be for a couple of weeks until track meets and all other things slow down. So I've decided to tell you some things now and share a recipe and a work-out since that is what we do.

Ready? I'm almost bursting with this......

I signed up for Stitch Fix!

I love it. I got my first box last week. The FedEx guy showed up, he kindly and gently set a box down right in front of my door and then drove away. I ran to my box. I held it, smelled it, shook it, and couldn't believe there were five pieces of clothing in there for me. Clothes I didn't shop for. Clothes that someone with more fashion knowledge picked out. Clothes that I didn't agonize over, wondering if they were right for someone my age. Clothes. Brought to my door. For me.

It was too good to be true.

I was afraid to open my box. What if there were hideous clothes inside? What if they were two sizes too small or three sizes too big? What if this whole idea, this whole dream of not ever having to shop again wasn't going to work out? Would I have to return to the mall? Could I face the disorientation and confusion of those dang department stores with so many choices and so much confusion and noise?

I carried my box around for about two hours.  My hopes and dreams sealed up, with mint green packing tape. I kept smelling it. I put it on the dining room table, then my bed, then my dresser. Finally I grabbed it, took it downstairs, grabbed a scissor and sliced through the mint green tape. I lifted up the tissue paper. I located the pre-paid envelope that I could use if I didn't like the clothes or if they didn't fit. I found the post cards with pictures of my items and how to style them. I was so excited my hands were jittery and my cheeks were flushed.

Maybe this whole thing was going to work.

Finally, there they were. My five items. A maxi dress, a pair of pants that were made in Canada, and three blouses.
Love. Love! Love, love, love.

The whole experience was fabulous.

New clothes. No shopping. No driving. No fashion angst. Beautiful clothes that fit me and that I love.

I got all five items and because I did I received 25% off my purchase. Then I scheduled my next box delivery which will be around the end of June and I told my stylist that I would like some casual clothes for our trip home to Canada.

Deep breath. Savor the sweetness of this whole set-up.

Now I have other news as well. On my Stitch Fix journey, I signed up for Pinterest!

Yep. Me. The one who's always last to the party and still carries a flip phone.

The people at Stitch Fix recommend that you sign up so that you can create a board with fashion ideas so they get an idea of what you like.

So I did.

Guess what I found on Pinterest?


I told you I was about to burst. Clothes I didn't shop for,  and now Pinterest work-outs.

Life is glorious.

It's almost as glorious as this One Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta recipe that I found on Damn Delicious.

I added spinach, shitake mushrooms and some shrimp. You could use gluten-free pasta. You could make it as is. It's easy, quick and really good. The kids lapped it up.

When the day dawns bright and new which we all know is Lynn's favorite time of day, get out of bed, 'cause you don't have to sleep anymore, and do this workout.

You can find it on my Pinterest 'work-out' board.

I try and do strength training at least twice a week. Last week I did this on Monday and then again on Friday. On Friday, I changed it up a bit and started with Circuit 3, then Circuit 1 and then Circuit 2, in hopes of keeping my muscles guessing.

I thought it was fun and my muscles got worked.

Wow. I think I've rambled on long enough.

I miss you guys.

Remember next week. Tea.

Make the pasta. Do the work-out. Leave me voice-mail messages. Miss me.

I miss you.

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